About Me

Hi there, I’m Brooke! It’s true that you can wake up in the morning truly enjoying what you do. I love getting to know my clients and work hard to ensure that the floral design is the easiest part of their event to plan.

I love all aspects of floral design, from organizing a flower order, to processing flowers, and then putting the final touches on a bride’s bouquet that I know is going to make her beam with joy. Flowers make every event beautiful, especially a wedding. One thing I hear all the time is “but flowers die”. True, but the cake is eaten and the dress is never worn again. Flowers create the stage for your special event and have the ability to create lasting memories. A blooming peony in the spring will remind you of your beautiful bouquet, and that’s the lasting impact that floral design will have. I’ll never forget a bride’s reaction when I entered her bridal suite with bouquets: all the bridesmaids were ready, and the bride had just finished her hair and makeup and was about to get into her dress. She turned to the bouquets to see that her dream wedding was actually coming true and said “That is the most beautiful bouquet I have ever seen. I finally feel like this is really happening. I’m getting married today!”

How did I start this crazy adventure? Honestly, it took me by surprise. I graduated from UK with a degree in communications and spent my last year interning with an event planner that had just started doing flowers for her clients. The passion began the first day I helped her process flowers. After a few years in the corporate world I realized that it wasn’t going to bring me happiness. To me, part of being successful is loving what you do every day. So I started Fields in Bloom with my first wedding in September of 2011. Also, floral design is in my blood. My great-grandmother owned the florist shop in my hometown for many years, and she is the reason for the name Fields in Bloom as her last name was Fields.

I enjoy the simple things in life: my husband and three beautiful children, the joy of reading a book cover to cover in an unrealistic amount of time, crafting, watching a good movie or any period drama on TV, and of course, flowers (my favorite is Ranunculus!).

a lady holding a flower arrangement
Image by Heather Payne Photography
beautiful flower arrangement