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What do flowers cost? Unfortunately there is no set pricelist for flowers. My proposals are custom made for each individual event, and pricing depends on a variety of factors: flowers chosen, colors, time of the year, style and size of the arrangements.

I can tell you that I do my best to work within the floral budget for your event and include arrangements at different price points in the proposal you are sent. Also, I do not charge a rental fee if you use the vases in my inventory.

While the average floral budget for a wedding is around $3000, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a wide range of budgets. You should plan to spend 10-15% of your overall budget on floral design (which does not include rentals, candles, etc.).

If you would like to setup a consultation to discuss the flowers for your wedding or event in detail, please use the contact form below and tell me a little bit about your upcoming event.

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